onsdag 19 oktober 2016

Hockey HV71 - Karlskrona

“The problem with thick skin is that it leaves you impervious to the sharpest of pins. Everything becomes dull. But without that sense of pain, there cannot be that sense of relief. Ultimately, the thickened skin leaves you numb, incapable of feeling the highs and lows of life. It leaves you rough like a rock and just as inanimate.”

― Michael Soll

måndag 17 oktober 2016

Stadsparksvallen by night

 “I advise you to say your dream is possible and then overcome all inconveniences, ignore all the hassles and take a running leap through the hoop, even if it is in flames.”

― Les Brown

To make this photo i used a Manfrotto lightning stand with an adapter and a ball head to attach the camera. This way i was able to elevate the camera about 4 meters. This was shoot with 1 1Dx mkII with the 24-70/2,L II USM. To be able to compose the image i attached the camera with the WFT-E6 WIFI adapter. Thru which i connected the camera with a app from Canon.